Crazy Cocktails

Crazy Cocktails

It happens to all if us barflies at some point. We're sitting there nursing our boring beer or passe apple-tini, when we see someone across the room presented with something that catches our eye. “What the heck is that?” we wonder. These crazy drinks usually feature a multitude of colors or insane garnishes that make us wish we were brave enough to order the same. Now you can, if your bar is well stocked and your bartender is hip to these concoctions.

BLT Cocktail

You can't go wrong with bacon, right? The BLT cocktail features bacon-infused vodka. If that doesn't put you off your drink, it also has tomato water and lettuce flavored ice cubes. Supposedly this gives your vodka on the rocks the same flavor as a BLT, but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try it.


Pop Rock Martini

I have a soft spot for pop rocks, you know, that fizzing popping candy that was all the rage in the 80s? I used to down a packet with a swig of soda to really experience the full burst of the popping action. Top a raspberry vodka martini with the candy and you get a fizzy drink that draws all eyes to your table. This is one I may try. As in right now. If I can get my hands on some pop rocks.


Alien Brain Hemorrhage

I have to thank my friends over at Geekologie for introducing me to this sin against booze everywhere. While not technically a cocktail, this shooter looks exactly as you would imagine a hemorrhaging aline brain to look. You layer peach schnapps, Bailey's and blue curacao. Top it off with a splash grenadine then examine the lava lamp-like affect. Yeah, I'm not too sure about this one either.